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We provide the right talent, when and where you need them, to drive your business forward.

Whether you need a single experienced electrician for a one-day installation or 50 representatives for your new call center, Manpower can provide the talent you need. Our contingent workforce solutions give you the increased flexibility to whether seasonal highs and lows or deliver on a critical opportunistic initiative.

Permanent Placement
In today’s marketplace it is more important than ever to have the right talent on your team. Yet, finding the right candidate for a permanent position, from reviewing resumes to identifying quality Candidates, is time consuming and potentially costly. Manpower has proven expertise in recruiting, assessing and qualifying Candidates for permanent openings. Our process delivers on-the-job success for the long term.

CLAS contract-to-permanent solution lets client gain first-hand experience with potential full-time hires to better assess their skill, capabilities and fit before making the commitment to a hiring decision.

Placement Services
CLAS recruitment service is a leader in the placement service industry of pan Chandigarh. Our professional team allows us to meet the needs of our client in all industry segments, whether they are global, multi-national or local companies. We firstly analyze the type of manpower required as per the provided job description. After this, we match the profile of our candidates with the job description. All those who are a perfect match, placed in reputed firms accordingly.

HR Consultancy
CLAS HR services is a Reliable HR consultant in Chandigarh. By offering a complete range of HR services, we can help any company – no matter where they are in their business evolution- raise productivity through improved strategy, quality, efficiency and cost reduction.

We and our subsidiaries provide services as per the employment life cycle starting from recruitment to salary negotiation and termination at the resignation. At lead manpower services, we help people and companies to make the right choices.

If you are looking for professional manpower services in anywhere Chandigarh, then contact us without any further ado. We use very effective tool for recruiting the best manpower for our clients widespread. We offer the most professionals by…
1) job portals
2) Headhunting
3) Extensive Database
4) Press Advertisment
5) Specific Targeted Search
6) campus Recruitment

Recruitment Services
CLAS Recruitment Services offer value for money Recruitment services in Chandigarh. We follow a multi-step recruitment process based on a structured and systematic approach. All the steps are listed below:-
1) understanding the client organization
2) Mapping Position
3) Developing A sourcing Strategy
4) Evaluating Candidates
5) Forward to client for Shortlisting
6) Line up for Interview
7) Final List of Selected Candidate
8) Detailed Reference Checks on Candidates
9) Negotiation
10) Follow up till Joining

Security Services
We are the professional and trained security guards provider in Chandigarh. We have a dedicated team of security personnel, who possesses in-depth knowledge and are trained in well managed to tactual difficult situations. We firstly train the potential candidates about the different aspects like security laws, weapons usage, defensive techniques, control techniques and arrest etc. As soon the training session is over, we move forward to the recruitment of security personnel. So, for any sort of assistance or support in this regard, contact CLAS without Thinking twice.

Contractual CLAS
CLAS Contractual Services is a Chandigarh Based Placement Consultant offering contractual Manpower services for your organization. We under your business needs to perfection and ensure that the mostskilled and efficient contractual manpower is the there at your service.

The Contractual Manpower, which we arrange for, ensure the timely completion of your Task , project and assignments and we are known for providing cost-effective solutions. Avail our services, if you are looking for contractual Manpower, we ensure to satisfy with the discussion.

Payroll Management
CLAS is one of the best placement consultancies in Chandigarh, when it comes to payroll management, we can ensure flawless payroll management with proper management of all the aspect of salaries and general statuary compliance. Our impeccable track record in this domain has been the key to our reputation, and our team is up to date with the payroll legislations agreements and regulations. Rest assured as we manage all the financial nitty-gritty of your company to the best of our capability.

Business Outsourcing Services
CLAS has emerged as a prominent placement agency in Chandigarh offering manpower outsourcing services. Through our Manpower outsourcing Services, You would surely have access to the impeccable skills of the manpower as well as the best practices and methodology. The improved Manpower Outsourcing Services ensures cost reductions and are known for their flexibility. The efficiency and timely style of working of the outsourced manpower ensures that you have the best of experiences with minimum inconvenience.

Resume writing service
1) Professional resume writing services
2) Online circulation of Resume
3) Resume Preparation

Customized resume showcasing your professional and social achievements that helps you present your testimonial more effectively. Comprehensive review of your resume, including its content and styling. Our Expert analyze your resume against industry best practices and share feedback that helps you present your credentials more easily and effectively. Highly personalized resume consulting services with counseling.

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We provide the right talent, when and where you need them, to drive your business forward.